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Return To Void - Official website

Return To Void -

Progressive metal / rock playing band From Karhula, Finland. 

Markku Pihlaja, Voc 
Saku Hakuli, Gtr 
Antti Huopainen, Keys 
Pasi Hakuli, Bass 
Kalke Kukkonen, Drums

Promo picture: Mikko Kokkala
Album cover: Juho Horppu

Breaking news

Return To Void´s second "still unnamed" album recordings started. We have been practising new material since january -17, and now it´s time to put some new, very special stuff to hard drive. Video clips and other stuff from the sessions can be found on our Facebook site. Drum recordings are under control of Teemu Aalto, Studio Korkeakoski, Finland. Rest of the stuff is planned to record and mix at Railroad Records headquarters, Tavastila, Finland. So excited! Stay tuned! 



Return To Void debut OUT. Our self-titled album available in digital format here and there. 


Traditional heavy and hard rock with "progy spices" playing band was established in Karhula, Finland in 2015. Initially started as a trio (Markku Pihlaja -voc, Saku Hakuli -gtr, Pasi Hakuli -bass), played acoustic versions of Bruce Dickinson solo material under the name of Dick & son´s. After couple of gigs the band wanted to try with full band so Kalle Kukkonen was summoned to take the drumming duties. Tha magic was immediately there like in good old days of Kaihoro. A band, where they all used played in the past.   

In the afterglow of successful gig, the idea of a band that would play new an orginal music was born. The line-up was ready after synth-wizard Antti Huopainen was lured in.

The winter 2015-2016 was productive time. Full album of songs was composed and rehearsed with ease. Off to the Studio Korkeakoski. There they recorded all drums with help of Studio Korkeakoski main man Teemu Aalto. Rest was done at the singers Railroad Records headquarters.

At late summer 2017 band started recording their second still unnamed album. Technically pretty much same protocol as a debut album was done. The new album is planned to be bit more "proggy and harder" outfit. 

List of another projects, past and present, includes varied outings like Kaihoro, Total Devastation, Manitou, Kreyskull, Gran Torino, Demonic death judge...